As if being tricked into taking a cruise by her friends isn't bad enough, once on board heiress Sarah Stanhope finds herself an unwilling participant in a hypnotist's show. The hypnotist's playful suggestions are a success. Sarah becomes stripper "Sexy Sadie" when she hears the words "hot sex." It gets worse. She's accidentally left behind by the ship before her deprogramming takes place. Loose in Bear Creek, Alaska, Sarah/Sadie depends on the goodwill of Bear Creek restaurant owner Jake Gerard, whose certainly drawn to her but can't decide which side of Sadie/Sarah is the real one. Lori Wilde's EAGER, ELIGIBLE AND ALASKAN (3) stretches credibility a little, but has some genuinely fun moments, in particular the hero's first glimpse of the heroine.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer