The Savage Destiny series that began with Sweet Prairie Passion (rereleased this month) has earned Rosanne Bittner a revered place as one of the very finest Indian romance writers. No one who has read Zeke and Abbie Monroe's love story will forget the power, the passion, the tragedy and the triumph of their life together. These two carved out a home in a wild frontier filled with prejudice, perils and an enduring love. In EAGLE'S SONG, Ms. Bittner brings Abbie and her descendants together in a tale as vibrant and emotionally intense as any other in the saga.

Since Zeke's death and her marriage to Swift Arrow, Abbie has longed for the day her family could be reunited; sons, daughter and grandchildren. The time has arrived and what begins with great joy turns into a tragedy as Abbie sees many of the old prejudices and hatred threaten her family once more.

Her son Jeremy returns to the fold while another, White Wolf, must flee to the Canadian wilderness to save his life. Though she has lost Zeke, Abbie must also let Swift Arrow return to his people at Wounded Knee and then watch her grandchildren struggle to find a place for themselves in a world where some will find great love in the whiteman's society and others must return to their Native American heritage to find the peace they seek.

Brimming with emotion and marvelous historical detail, EAGLE'S SONG is for every fan of western and Indian romances. Whether you have read the entire Savage Destiny saga or EAGLE'S SONG is your very first Rosanne Bittner novel, you will find yourself drawn into the Monroe family, sharing all their pride, passion, tears and joy. This is a book that will linger long in your heart and mind. A wondrous contribution by the incomparable Ms. Bitter. SENSUAL (June, 440 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin