Image of The Earl (Gypsy Legacy, Book 3)


Image of The Earl (Gypsy Legacy, Book 3)

This third installment in Patrick’s Gypsy Legacy is a smooth, nicely moving romance, wonderfully free of evil bad guys and jealous adversaries. With a touch of magic, the story ties neatly in with the previous ones. Those unfamiliar with them may find the characters’ relationships a bit confusing.

Jon Kenton, Earl of Wynton, was told by his Gypsy great-grandmother that she gave the statuette of a panther he was promised to the girl he would someday love and wed. That day has come. Now Jon must discover which young woman has the statuette. Lady Amanda Cookson has loved Jon since she was a child, but his rejection of her three years ago causes her to deny the attraction she still feels. Jon has no plans to wed the owner of the statuette, he just wants it back; nor does he plan on falling in love, but since he doesn’t believe Amanda has the panther, there’s no harm in marrying her, is there? (Samhain, 2009, 300 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley