Image of The Earl Claims His Wife (Scandals and Seductions)


Image of The Earl Claims His Wife (Scandals and Seductions)

Maxwell's talent lies in her continuing ability to bring together laughter and tears within wondrous stories that capture the era and her characters to perfection. She adds her own twist in a rekindling-marriage plot that raises the emotional bar and delivers a flawless romance.

It was quite a scandal when Brian Ranson, the Earl of Wright, left his bride, Gillian, to be with his mistress before going off to fight in Portugal. He returns home to find everyone has betrayed him -- everyone but Gillian.

No longer the shy girl, Gillian is a bold and sensual woman who arouses his desire and interest. She's ready to take a lover and divorce Brian, and she's so sure of her resolve that she makes a bargain with him. She'll be his wife for 30 days, then she'll be free. Gillian is about to discover that a great deal can happen in a month's time. Friendship, trust and even love can blossom, a child can change your life and misunderstandings can destroy happiness unless you're willing to set aside pride and seize love. (AVON, Oct., 380 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin