Mallory has written a rich, suspenseful
tale full of colorful characters, numerous suspects and two stubborn lovers -- one
a passionate scoundrel who doesn't believe in love until he stumbles upon
a mysterious woman. As he unravels
her secrets, he loses his heart to the courageous and stubborn beauty
that rescues him.

Kate Simon is on the run from her money-hungry brother and her abusive fiance. Disguised as a boy, she takes refuge at a roadside inn while plotting the best way to make it to her aunt's for shelter. She feels safe in her anonymity until the arrival of Christian Black, the Earl of Canley.

Christian has always loved puzzles and mysteries. When his best friend is burglarized, he is just the man to find the culprit before an inflammatory journal can make front-page news. Disguised as a Bow Street runner, he takes a room at the local inn, only to find his roommate is very much a female. Kate is dismayed at having to share a room with a mysterious traveler with intense eyes that seem to see deep into her soul. Try as she might, she cannot dislodge Christian from her room or her bed. And when a freak storm and a murder mystery strands them at the inn, Christian takes the opportunity to search out the killer, find the stolen journal and learn all the mysteries of Kate. (Avon, Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer