While Christabel’s immature actions changed both her and Richard’s lives forever, it is refreshing to see that both characters have been able to move on. That is until they are confronted with each other again. The resentment that both feel towards the other is understandable, but perhaps lasts a bit too long for the reader. Get ready for some delayed gratification as Richard and Christabel have a lot of issues to work out before they reach a reconciliation.

Still unmarried at 25-years-old, Christabel Tallis is close to being “on the shelf”. She is considering Sir Julian’s suit, even though he is extremely boring. However, Christabel reasons with herself that that might not be such a bad thing; she is not the same flighty girl she was years ago when she abruptly ended her previous engagement. After she jilted Richard Veryan, a close family friend, Christabel knew almost immediately that she made a huge mistake and has done her best to stay far away from scandal since then. But when Richard, now Earl Veryan, returns to England after living abroad, the passionate, impulsive nature that Christabel has been carefully hiding once again surfaces. Will Richard be able to forgive her for her past behavior or is it too late to rekindle the love they once shared? (HARLEQUIN, Jun., dl. $4.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne