Image of The Earl's Mistaken Bride


Image of The Earl's Mistaken Bride

THE EARL’S MISTAKEN BRIDE (4) by Abby Gaines: England, 1816: Marcus Brookstone, Earl of Spenford, chooses Amanda Somerton as his bride, but when he lifts her veil after the ceremony, he sees Constance, Amanda’s sister, who has duped him into marrying her instead. Constance and Marcus decide for the sake of Marcus’ mother’s frail health to make do with the situation, until Constance learns Marcus made a deal with God: if he married, his mother would become healthy. She needs to get him to understand that one does not make deals with the Lord, and to make him realize his mother’s illness has nothing to do with what he does or does not do. Gaines’ story has well-rounded characters who are a pleasure to get to know, as well as romance, humor, mistaken identity, all conveying the message that God has his own way of having his children handle what he has given them.

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans