Image of For the Earl's Pleasure


Image of For the Earl's Pleasure

Mallory's exquisite
story has an incredible romance with para-
normal overtones, combined with a multifaceted view of England's titled and wealthy. The result is another phenomenal book that's as unique and emotional as readers could desire.

Childhood companions Abigail Smart and Valerian Danford, Lord Rainewood, were separated by differences in their status: He's heir to a dukedom, and she's a merchant's daughter. Over the years Abigail's family institutionalizes and "treats" her ability to see and converse with ghosts, and Raine keeps track of Abigail, never believing she is mentally ill.

When she returns to society, they renew their contact. Then he's viciously attacked and rendered unconscious, and Raine discovers he can communicate with Abigail. As the days pass they're able to touch and feel one another. Events twist and turn, leading Abigail and Raine on a journey to love and happiness. (AVON, Jul., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin