Image of Early Dawn


Image of Early Dawn

Spinning off from 1996's Keegan's Lady, Anderson returns to the Old West and a story of the struggle between revenge and forgiveness. Never stinting on the harsh reality inherent in the setting, the author tempers the roughness with a powerful love story and remarkable characters. She draws out every emotion and leaves readers with a true understanding of life and love.

For three years Matthew Coulter has lived to avenge his wife's death at the hands of the ruthless Sebastian gang. Leaving a broken engagement and vicious rumors in San Francisco, Eden Paxton is en route to visit her brother Ace Keegan, when she's taken captive in a train robbery.

When Matthew tracks them down and rescues Eden he's in for more than one surprise. No shy city girl, Eden is ready to become his partner in his hunt for the gang. Their wild ride through Colorado, in circles and beyond, is more a journey of the heart than one of simple vengeance. They both begin to question their personal motives as they slowly let go of the past, forge a future together and fall in love. (SIGNET, Jan., 414 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin