One minute he's working on old Mrs. Garvey's house and the next Ray Lowell is brutally gunned down. After what seems like an instant, Ray awakens some 36 years later as a reluctant ghost. Ray and his love Celeste Benedict had been on the verge of defying her parents by eloping. Now Ray is obsessed with the question: who killed him and what happened to Celeste?

Assistant DA Renata Morelli is undaunted by the challenge of bringing Frank Dane to justice. For decades, Dane has avoided prosecution for his crimes, but no longer...Renata plans to see him behind bars. Renata's friend Melissa Hartley is worried, but supportive of her quest. Returning home after many years, Melissa finds she can't outrun the past, especially when that past is embodied by Police Chief Gabe Bautista. All hell breaks loose when Gabe falls into a coma after a hit and run and someone tries to kill Renata. To top things off, Melissa fears she is losing her mind when she sees Ray haunting her house. Melissa and Ray soon come to an understanding, and both fear for Renata. Despite his love for Celeste, Ray is drawn to Renata. With his body in a coma, Gabe's spirit is awake and cognizant of events around him. Gabe also knows that the key to all recent events lies in the past, but how can he communicate this to those holding vigil? Time is running out!

EARTH ANGEL takes a most interesting and enthralling tack by combining elements of reincarnation with those of ghostly haunting. The result is both clever and rewarding. (Nov., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith