Since a woman scientist cannot be accepted in the male dominated society, the untimely and mysterious death of her twin brother forces Victoria (Torrie) Broadridge to seek another man to continue her research.

Her brothers former college roommate, handsome rogue Gabriel Raddigan (with his scandalous past and debt ridden present), is the perfect candidate for the job. Unjustly accused of cheating, Gabriel has been sent down in disgrace.

Though he dismisses Torrie as a pretty nuisance, he is intrigued by the fossilized tooth she shows him. Left with no funds and no choices, Gabriel finally agrees to help Torries scheme.

Torrie does not expect to be attracted to the scoundrel, but when she starts to believe theyre in danger, she becomes paralyzed with fear. Gabriel realizes that Torries hallucinations are the result of her being drugged and he sets out to unmask the culprit and excavate the quarry to substantiate her findings.

Refreshingly different, EARTHLY DELIGHTS will delight readers. It is a pleasure witnessing how love and trust transform Gabriel from a despairing to a caring man. SENSUAL (Mar., 383 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor