Image of Earthly Joys: A Novel


Image of Earthly Joys: A Novel

Gardener to the great and powerful, John Tradescant's life reflects the unique historical period into which he is born. As a friend and confidant to Sir Robert Cecil, John is swept up into the political maelstrom between Charles Stuart, Parliament and Cromwell's followers.

To create the fabulous gardens
at Hatfield, John scours the world
for new plants. Moving into the Duke
of Buckingham's circle, John witnesses the growing chaos but, as a true loyal
servant, he will not desert his patron
and master.

First published more than a decade ago, Earthly Joys, though carefully researched, does not have the powerful characters and grand passions of the recent Boleyn and Elizabeth I novels. It does have fascinating details of flora and fauna, a man who will follow his master no matter the consequences and a fascinating political and historical backdrop. Gregory fans will find, not a strong woman to admire, but a man whose passion for his work touches their minds. SWEET (Jun., 450 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin