Echo in the Hall is the second book in the Divine Interventions series. Punished by the goddess Aphrodite, Echo has been a statue for thousands of years, but she's learned to materialize for short periods of time.

After she has sex with human Alex Milton, Aphrodite turns her into a human. But there's a catch: Echo must make Alex fall in love with her before two months are up—without coercion—or else she'll spend eternity as a spirit.

Employed as a museum security guard, Alex has the best sex of his life with a woman who can only echo his words. After his last horrid relationship, Alex decides to focus strictly on his photography and manages by working the graveyard shift and attending school during the day.

When he learns about Aphrodite's plans for Echo, Alex feels pressured to take her in. Admittedly, Alex is entranced, but he plans on keeping his heart locked up tight.

Starr takes wonderful liberties with Greek mythology, and the results are warm characters that make an unbelievable situation work and interesting mythical creatures from the past. This is a thoroughly entertaining read. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor