Connelly continues to deliver and
then some with the 12th book in
his Harry Bosch series. The subtleties
and nuances of Harry's troubled
soul are more in evidence this time, and Connelly renders L.A. crisply
and lovingly. Some excellent twists
in the plot -- not the hairpin gaspers
of a Deaver but the slow, excruciating, can't-stop-this of a car wreck in
slow-mo -- will keep you riveted.

It looks like an old unsolved case that has haunted LAPD detective Harry for 13 years is finally getting wrapped up. Prosecutor and political candidate Rick O'Shea has a stone-cold killer in lockup who's willing to confess to the slaying of Marie Gesto. He promises to lead police to her burial site -- for a deal to spare his life.

Harry had another suspect in mind for Marie's murder, but he never could pin it on him. Is the serial killer the murderer, or is this a setup? When things go horribly wrong at the crime scene, Harry must chase down a killer, aided by love interest and FBI agent Rachel Walling. He also must unravel a conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of L.A.'s crime-fighting realm. (Little, Brown, Oct., 416 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Liz French