Judith Rochelle opens Echoes with enough energy to get the reader interested and a prologue that will pique readers’ interest. However this is the third book in the author’s Protectors series, and readers who are new to the series may be confused by the tale's beginning. The story opens quickly with a number of lead characters and several complicated situations that seem to have little set-up. Additionally, the action is slowed down by several repeated monologues. But the chemistry between Alexis and Nick is positively explosive. Furthermore, Rochelle gives the characters good detail when it comes to their feelings about long-term relationship and parenthood. Echoes is packed enough passion and mystery to be a steamy engaging read. If you are looking for a light romantic suspense, you will get quite a thrill from this tale’s fast pace and passionate scenes.

Alexis Craig is in control of her career and her life — until a stalker makes contact with her and throws her world out of balance.  As the stalker’s messages and violence escalate, Alexis is helped by Nick Vanetta, one of the founding members of an elite security agency. Alexis’s ordeal results in her unraveling her parents’ secret lives and struggling with her feelings about having a relationship with Nick. Passion and danger escalate as Alexis and Nick try to untangle the impossible events that unfolds in ways stun them both. (Wild Rose Press, Nov. 2010, dl. $6.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Abigail Ortlieb