The talented M.J. Rodgers sparkles once again with a wonderful array of characters and thoroughly innovative storytelling in BABY VS. THE BAR (4.5). When she went to a sperm bank all the young woman wanted was a baby of her own, but a mix-up has left her with an heir to a vast fortune and a very infuriating lawyer who refuses to leave her alone. Ms. Rodgers knows how to give readers what they want, and she's done it again.

When Caroline Burnes' feline detective is injured trying to save a woman crossing Pennsylvania Avenue, nothing could have prepared him for regaining consciousness in 1692 Salem (just where a black cat wants to be). Nor is he expecting the woman he saved in 1995 to be so determined to help those accused of witchcraft with the aid of a handsome attorney. BEWITCHING FAMILIAR (4) is a captivating tale, that will take readers right into one of the most intriguing times in history.

Six years before, an auto accident had taken an executive's wife, son and sight. Now a woman arrives who stirs up memories and knows things no one else could know. Hired as a social secretary, she doesn't understand the hostility she's feeling from this stranger, or why he causes her to recall a time of her life she's been unable to remember for so long. ECHOES IN THE DARK (3) by Gayle Wilson, is a magnificent romance certain to pluck a few heartstrings despite the thin mystery.

Brought to Greece by the mysterious death of her ex-husband, a young woman finds herself unsure of who to trust as strange gifts are left for her and more than one attempt is made on her life. If she weren't so attracted to him, a handsome stranger who admits to a volatile relationship with her ex would be the most likely suspect. Though slightly convoluted, KILLING HER SOFTLY (2) by Tina Vasilos delivers readers to a wonderful location and surrounds them in mystery.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson