Image of Echoes in the Dark (The Summoning, Book 5)


Image of Echoes in the Dark (The Summoning, Book 5)

At last the final Summoning is at hand!
The story's focus is split between two Exotiques as they must face their fates and discover potential love. This saga has allowed Owens to explore a variety of archetypes and emotions. The results have been enthralling, and this final chapter
is explosive and satisfying.

Shipbuilder Raine Lindley's summoning from Earth went horribly wrong, placing her in abusive hands instead of in the hands of those who needed her. Finally rescued, Raine and nobleman Faucon Creusse's task is to produce a ship capable of carrying an army to fight the Dark.

World-famous singer Jikata is abruptly summoned to Lladrana by the aging but powerful Singer. Jikata's four-octave range is the last vital piece needed for the Exotiques' battle to save the sentient planet Amee. Six women from a different world and the men who love them are now the last hope to save both Amee and Earth! (LUNA, Jan., 560 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith