Charlie Gibson struggles to find someone who doesn't think his erotica writing makes him a pervert. Meanwhile, Candace Whitman is ostracized for writing steamy eroticas, rather than the chaste teen stories she's known for. When these two authors meet, they discover they have more in common than similar writing styles!

Andre writes a wonderful story filled with lovable characters and steamy sex. When Charlie agrees to mentor Candace, their lessons quickly become the hands-on variety, and they find that more than just a physical chemistry exists between them. Anyone looking for a funny and intelligently written read should definitely give this book a try! (dl $5.20, dk $5.20)

EDITORS’ NOTE: This review is for the original publication of this title, Authors In Ecstasy published by Ellora's Cave in March 2004. The novel has since self-published the re-released under the new title Ecstasy.

Reviewed by: 
Derenda Hilbert