Towards the end of the Civil War, Eden LeGrand joins a group of Southerners to help the cause. Eden assists in taking over a steamboat carrying a Yankee arms shipment. When a Union officer is injured, Eden goes to his aid.

As soon as government agent Logan Matthews finds out that his brother is taken captive, he goes to New Orleans to find those responsible for his brothers capture.

Logans clues lead him to an orphanage where Eden works. The more time Logan stays with Eden and the children of Haven House, the more he begins to care. One night his fear that she is trouble overwhelms his common sense, and the sparks that have been flying between the two ignite into flame. But a rocky road ahead places obstacles in the couples path to happiness.

The very talented Bobbi Smith has written another winner. EDEN is filled with adventure, danger, sentimentality and romance. The many wonderful secondary characters, especially some of the children; detailed backdrop; and historical accuracy plus Ms. Smiths ability to have more than one storyline running smoothly are what make her an enduring favorite among readers. SENSUAL (Dec., 392 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager