With a depth of emotion that reaches out to touch you, Davidson examines the grittiness of the West, yet holds onto the tenderness. She writes of the sweetness and healing power of love so gently that readers are drawn again and again to her uplifting romances.

With just a glance John Roper knows the young girl wasn't meant for a saloon. It's obvious from the bruises that she's been mistreated, and though it isn't in his taciturn nature to interfere in another's life, he makes Katie an offer she can't refuse: become his housekeeper.

For 12 years Katie was a slave to the Schraders, her adoptive parents; now she's free. Life with John is near perfect until the Schraders start hunting her down. A sweet, tentative love blossoms between Katie and John, and he realizes the only way to save her is to marry her. But Katie's haunted by Jane, the "sister" she left behind with the Schraders. She'll put her safety and her new love to the test to save Jane. (HQN, Mar., 378 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin