After temporarily losing custody of his young daughter Lisa to his ex-wife, volcanologist Dr. Chase Wilcoxs perspective of women is severely damaged. He rarely sees the best in women, with the exception of his sister-in-law Jan. After seeing pictures and hearing stories of a Hawaiian dancer called Pele, Chase is certain that Pele is out to destroy his brother Dane and Jans marriage.

All set for his move to Hawaii where hell be reunited with his daughter and start a new project, Chase finds that everyone, including little Lisa, seems taken with artist/scientific illustrator Nicole Ballard, who moonlights as Pele at the exclusive Kipuka Club.

When Chase confronts Dane with his fears that Nicole is trying to break up his marriage, Dane insists he is wrong. A bet is then made to prove just how wrong Chase is, and Chase finds himself vigorously pursuing after Nicole.

With one devastating marriage behind her, Nicole also has little faith in men. Chase Wilcox, however, quickly gets under her skin. Unfortunately, the emotional damage inflicted by previous spouses may be more than either of them can overcome.

Best-selling author Elizabeth Lowell has taken her previously published book FIRES OF EDEN and revised it. The result is an emotionally driven and sensually charged book that is vintage Lowell. (Jan., 352 pp., $20.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith