Jack Talon needs money desperately to save the family restaurant. Foolishly, he lent all his savings to an archeological professor who squandered it. Now Jack is not only without funds but stuck with the professors daughter, an Incan farm girl. Eden Ramirez prefers to remain silent until she learns what kind of man Jack is.

When she realizes that her father has done Jack a great wrong and that behind his all-bad attitude is a heart of gold, she sets out to help him turn his fortune around. Eden begins helping around the restaurant. Jack is belligerent at first but backs off when he sees what an asset she is with the customers and the staff. He strikes a truce with her: she can work in the restaurant and he will help her get back to Peru. Together Jack and Eden turn the place into a successful Peruvian family-style restaurant.

Eager to make theirs a permanent partnership, Jack plans to propose, but Eden longs only for home. Can Jack set her free when all he wants to do is hold on tight?

Ms. Rose entertains readers with an eclectic cast of characters and an enjoyable tale, although her heroine is much too citified for a farm girl. (Jun., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer