Pearce's tale is pure erotica, but several plots might leave the reader wanting something stronger to cling to. And there's one rather disturbing scene: When Gideon reveals a significant part of his personality and life, Eden jumps right back into the role of a pleasure-seeker, without giving any credence to Gideon's pain. While that scene certainly fits this sort of novel, it still seems out of place. Pearce shows promise, however, with her tight story.

Brotherly love takes on a whole new meaning when Gideon Harcourt prepares Eden for his twin brother's Gervase's pleasure. Not knowing why the sexy, passionate Gideon seems concerned only with her release, Eden nevertheless finds Gideon impossible to ignore.

Gervase is filled with rage at the thought that Gideon has bedded Eden. She was and is his. If only his father hadn't manipulated the lovers nearly a decade ago, they would have found wedded bliss and a loving future. Now, with Gideon's interference, the couple has another chance at love, and nothing will dissuade Gervase now. (EllorasCave.com, dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling