While recovering from a bomb blast, FBI counter-terrorist expert Ford MacDougal dreams that his sister Jilly is driving her Porsche wildly down the coast road when she goes over a cliff and into the ocean. The following morning, Mac learns that the accident was real and that Jilly is in a coma.

Despite his own injuries, Mac flies out to Oregon to be with his sister and investigate the situation. He can't believe that Jilly tried to commit suicide, but the evidence points that way. In his dream, Jilly was also screaming about Laura betraying her, referring to Laura Scott, a librarian.

When Mac meets her, he's in for a surprise, for she isn't who she seems. Jilly rallies from her coma only to disappear the next day. When Laura and Mac are nearly killed by a drug overdose, they realize someone is trying to murder Laura. What is going on in this sleepy little town?

THE EDGE, a hardcover Top Pick from Aug. '99, adds another electrifying and exhilarating suspense tale to Coulter's expanding portfolio. The reappearance of FBI Agents Dillon and Lacy Savich is another plus. Settle in for hours of reading thrills. (Aug., 400 pp., $7.99—Hardcover published August 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith