Four years ago, clairvoyant Kaylin awoke from a nightmare and found a dangerous man in the bedroom where she and her sister slept. This shadowy figure knocked her unconscious and kidnapped her sister. Since that night, Kaylin has tried desperately to remember any details that will help find Jenna, but her mind remains blank.

When her sister begins walking through her nightmares, Kaylin realizes she's experiencing visions of Jenna's abduction—and her sister's future. But her dreams are disjointed images. She turns to psychic Shane Lynch for help.

This charismatic man has an extraordinary gift that allows him to tap into people's auras and control their emotions. Shane believes Kaylin's fear of that horrifying night keeps her from remembering her dreams. By using his power to soothe her nightly demons, he hopes to unlock secrets in her dreams, and maybe the ones in her heart.

Kearney's knack for delivering riveting romantic suspense with a paranormal twist shines here. The hero is mesmerizing, the heroine appealingly independent and the evil chilling. (May, 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell