The daughter of one of Florida's richest men, Jillian Kincaid has lived much of her life under guard. These days she's a successful TV anchorwoman, and when strange death threats begin, Jillian is ready to brush them off as a crank. But her father will take no chances and hires ex-army ranger Nolan Garrett as a bodyguard.

After all the death and destruction he's seen, Nolan is carrying around a lot of baggage. He reluctantly agrees to join his family's security firm, and his first assignment is guarding one of Palm Beach's princesses.

Having been given carte blanche to scare Jillian into realizing she needs protection, Nolan wastes no time surprising her in her bathroom doorway. Furious and terrified, Jillian reluctantly agrees to Nolan's presence, and as the stalker gets more brazen, she starts to appreciate his support.

An award-winning series author, Gerard expertly makes the transition to single-title fiction. Edgy and intense, this tale of romance, danger and past regrets is a keeper. Gerard is a welcome addition to the genre. Readers will look forward to her next Bodyguards offering. (May, 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith