Image of Edge Of Danger (Primal Instinct)


Image of Edge Of Danger (Primal Instinct)

It's the second Buchanan sibling's turn to discover the power of their bloodline in this installment of Byrd's intense Primal Instinct trilogy. Trust is a major stumbling block for the hero and heroine as they face conspiracy and death, as well as growing passion. Series plot threads continue to be revealed as this gritty and dark tale unfolds. Byrd is on a roll!

Anthropologist Saige Buchanan's life passion is tracking down the mysterious Markers. Unlike her brothers, who refused to learn about their heritage as a race born to fight the evil Casus, Saige believes. Having just found the second Marker, Saige realizes she's being stalked, both by a demonic Casus and by a Watchman shapeshifter named Michael Quinn.

Quinn has been sent to Brazil to bring Saige to the Watchman's compound in Colorado. But Saige has other ideas. While the attraction between them is intense, neither is good with trust, which might get them both killed. Something bigger than just the Casus returning may be under way.

(HQN, May, 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith