When Narice Jordan is kidnapped, Anthony "Saint" Martin is sent to her rescue. Trusting men has never come easy to Narice, and now she must learn to rely on a stranger in order to save her life.

Instantly butting heads, the two find themselves constantly at each other's throats, but the close quarters they're in eventually takes their toll. Narice and Saint are forced to compromise—in more ways than one.

Best known for her historical romances, Jenkins is now out to conquer the romantic suspense realm. This sophomore contemporary novel is just as good as her first. She delivers a thrilling, all-consuming tale of lust and murder.

Passion between Narice and Saint creates believability. With numerous action scenes and nice touches of humor, The Edge of Dawn moves briskly. Narice and Saint will not be easily forgotten. (Nov., 374 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton