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by Lara Adrian

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Sensuality: HOT

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Adrian returns to the world of her Midnight Breed and picks up the action two decades following the revelation of the Breed’s existence to the human population. Longtime fans will be excited to learn that the heroine of this book is Mira, whose eyes can see the future. Although this installment is fairly short, it does nicely set up the new big bad of the series. With an Adrian novel, readers are assured of plenty of dangerous thrills and passionate chills.

Following the death of her friend and lover, Breed warrior Kellan Archer, eight years ago, human Mira has worked long and hard to become a captain in the order. Mira now kicks butt and takes no prisoners — so much so that she lands herself in serious hot water. As a punishment, she is instructed to play bodyguard and escort human scientist Jeremy Ackmeyer to an important summit. Unfortunately, upon their arrival, both Mira and Jeremy are kidnapped. When she regains consciousness, Mira learns they have been taken by a renegade band of rebels; however, what really stuns her is the identity of their mysterious leader. (DELACORTE, Mar., 288 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

Publisher: DELACORTE

Published: March 2013

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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EDGE OF DAWN is the 11th book

Submitted by cjgallway on February 3, 2013 - 12:24am.

EDGE OF DAWN is the 11th book in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series and this book totally changes the MB world as we know it. Most series when they go on for such a long time and have so many books to a series, they start to lose their gusto and get boring. To much of the same ol', same ol'. But this definitely not the case with the MB. Lara Adrian proves she's the rock star of paranormal romance. In a genre that has pretty much seen everything, she has taken the MB series to an incredible new level and has completely revitalized the series. Its absolutely nothing like the 10 previous books.

EDGE OF DAWN starts off with a 20 year jump into the future from where we left off in DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT. Its now 20 years since First Dawn, the day the rogues attacked humans all over the world which left The Order no way to clean up an attack of such epic proportions without revealing themselves. Now, the entire world knows about the Breed and of course, there are haters out there that want the Breed destroyed, worried that they'll strive to take over the world one day.

Lucan Thorne, his Breedmate Gabrielle and their son Darion, aka "Dare", now reside in the Order's global headquarters in Washington DC. Lucan is now a Chairman on the Global Nations Council, and preparing for the World Peace Summit. Lucan bares the huge weight of trying to keep peace between the humans and Breed. We also get to see the rest of the Breed males and their Breedmates, who are now called "Elders". They all reside around the world and have their own Breed communities to look after.

Mira is now twenty-nine years old and the Captain of her own team of warriors in Boston. Mira walks the world a bitter woman since the death of her best friend and lover, Kellan Archer. It's been 8 years since Kellan's death and Mira still aches for him every day.
She hates the Rebels because she blames them for Kellan's death and when Mira crosses the line by attacking one of the Rebels inside a crowded night club, in front of hundreds of witnesses, Lucan has no choice but to remove Mira from active duty. Lucan gives her an assignment of escorting human scientist, Jeremy Ackmeyer from Boston to Washington D.C. To the huge peace conference. Mira hates being assigned to babysitting detail but is determined to see the job through. When she arrives at Jeremy Ackmeyers home, she finds herself in the middle of the Rebels trying to kidnap Jeremy. After trying to fight them off, Mira finds herself in the hands of the Rebels. They take her to their leader Bowman, and when Mira sets eyes on Bowman her world gets turned upside down because Bowman is Kellan. Her best friend, her lover, the man she's loved since she was eight years old, had never stopped loving, and now.....he's her enemy.

Bowman, formerly known as Kellan Archer is now the leader of his very own team of Rebels. He is now an enemy to the Order, and to Mira. He knows it won't be long before the Order goes on the hunt for Mira and finds out he's still alive and betrayed them. But he still doesn't want to let her go. After 8 long years of missing her, he just cant let her go so easily. He's never stopped loving Mira and is determined to protect her from a horrible fate. But after everything Kellan has done to Mira, now that she's finally with him again, theres no way she'll ever let him go.

When Kellan discovers a secret weapon that is being planned to destroy all Breed, he'll stop at nothing to destroy the threat. But that's not the only problem the Breed and the Order have to deal with. An ancient enemy has returned and they want their revenge on all Breed and to take over the world.

That's all I'm going to say on the storyline because I'm scared of giving of giving too much away. There's so much that goes on and I don't want to spoil anything.

We get to see lots of Nathan in this book, for he is the one that goes on the hunt to get Mira back. He already lost Kellan, his best friend, to the Rebels, and now he'll do anything to save his other best friend. Nathan will take out anyone that gets in his way of finding Mira and hell make her kidnapper pay with his life.
I think Lara also gives us a hint as to who Nathan's Breedmate will be. ;-). I can't wait for Nathan's book!

We also get to meet all the children of our favorite Males of the Order and their Breedmates. Dare is his fathers son, headstrong and a born leader just like Lucan. Rafe, Dante and Tess' son is a born warrior like his father and has his mothers miraculous gift of healing. Sterling, aka "Harvard" and Tavia's twins, Aric and Carys are day walkers like Tavia. Aric can't wait to be a warrior and Carys is caught sneaking out a lot. Tegan and Elise's son Micah is also his fathers son. Straight out of warrior training and on a black ops mission with his team, we don't get to meet him or learn much about him. I'm looking forward to learning more about him.

One new character that intrigued me was Rune, a cage fighter in an underground Breed club. I can't wait to find out more about him. Maybe is very own book? *hint, hint Lara* :-)

I fell in love with Mira when we met her in Veil of Midnight and I couldn't wait for her to grow up and get her own story. Mira is strong, still stubborn and a great warrior. She'd do anything for those she loves. I LOVE Kellan! He's an alpha but not arrogant and domineering like most. He's a great leader, has a good heart and is willing to do anything to protect Mira and his team. I wasn't sure when Darker After Midnight left off if Lara would put Mira with Kellan or Nathan but I'm so glad she went with Kellan. I was voting for him!

Edge of Dawn is emotional, heart breaking, action packed, adrenaline rush of a story. Darker After Midnight was the epic book of the series, but Edge of Dawn is the best book of the series. This book broke my heart, had tears pouring out of my eyes, and had me gripping my iPad in a tight hold while flipping through the pages. Once I started reading it, I just could not put it down. I read through the book so fast, I went back and re-read it a second time so I could try to do this book justice and give it the review it deserves. This is my favorite book in the series so far. I was already a huge fan girl of Lara's and the Midnight Breed series but now I have to say I'm even more so. This book took such a turn in direction that while the names of most of the characters are familiar, you'll feel like your reading a new series! Only a literary genius can do that and Lara, that you are! You're my romance rock star!

I give Edge of Dawn 5 out of 5 stars!

LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Edge of Dawn

Submitted by MichelleLOlson on January 30, 2013 - 8:12pm.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
*ARC received from NetGalley

MIDNIGHT BREED is one of my very favorite Paranormal Romance series and I auto-pre-order each new release. After finishing Sterling's book and hearing that Mira's book was next, I was both excited and a bit scared... I just wasn't sure how a spin-off would sit with me, and yet I wasn't ready to leave the world by any stretch of the imagination either. When I got the ARC from NetGalley and finally had a chance to sit down with it I breathed a sigh of relief, and shouldn't have been worried at all in the first place. Not only did Lara deliver an amazing book, Edge of Dawn is quite possibly my favorite Breed novel to date. It was wonderful!

Having known Mira since Renata brought her to the Compound as a little girl, seeing her all grown up as the captain of one of the Order's main fighting groups brought both a sense of wonder and pride. Not only is she a Breedmate, and therefore human, not Breed, but she's female as well and being that highly ranked is just something that doesn't happen.

The interim events with Kellan were a bit of a surprise. I sort of had a feeling that Mira might end up with him despite their age difference back in the earlier books, but I was very shocked at the dark turn Lara took with the story and how she unveiled and unraveled it all in Edge of Dawn. It was gripping, emotional, frustrating, maddening, and romantic all at the same time.

I liked how the world was changed in this book as well - humans know about the breed now, wars have been waged because of it and lives on all sides have been lost, there is a tentative kind of truce amongst the many factions and yet, as usual, an evil lurks, threatening to cause even more upheaval. All of the changes allowed for me as a diehard MIDNIGHT BREED fan to have something a little bit different, but still have some closure and a bit of a fix with the reappearance and new positions of my favorites as well.

I really enjoyed the heavier, darker, more intense MIDNIGHT BREED and cannot wait to see where Lara takes us with this new generation and their fight against the new big bad!

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Edge of Dawn 5 Skulls.