Image of The Edge of Desire (Bastion Club)


Image of The Edge of Desire (Bastion Club)

The Bastion Club's latest installment features an ultra-passionate and honorable hero and a prideful heroine, along with a masterfully crafted murder mystery -- loaded with red herrings -- just what we expect from an author who knows the Regency's dark corners as well as the bright lights of a ballroom. Another not-to be-missed, can't-put-it-down keeper.

When Christian Allardyce, the sixth Marquess of Dearne, goes to war, he and Letitia Vaux anticipate his return so that they can marry and consummate their love.

But her father's excessive financial speculation forces Letitia to enter a loveless marriage to prevent her family's poverty. Due to the war, she and Christian are unable to communicate, and he knows nothing of the circumstances of her marriage. When her husband is killed and her brother blamed for the murder, Letitia turns to Christian for help. Even though he feels betrayed, he still loves her deeply. But she's too proud to acknowledge her true feelings, until time spent with Christian during their investigation and under trying conditions forces her to face her equally strong feelings for him. (Avon, Sep., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin