The ability to TiVo time has come in very handy for Caleb Edge during his career as a wizard T-FLAC operative. The down side to the paranormal powers Caleb and his brothers possess is that they come with a nasty 500-year-old curse that dooms their love lives.

Caleb's current assignment is to get close to Heather Shaw to find out the location of her banker father and missing terrorist dollars totaling 48 billion. There's just one problem: Heather has been in hiding for a year and has no clue as to where her father is. And, unfortunately for Caleb, it also appears that Heather may be his life mate -- which threatens to complicate this already highly charged scenario. The terrorists play for keeps, and they want their money back -- no matter what the cost.

The Edge brothers may be powerful wizards, but they're helpless before the power of love, which makes Adair's sexy new paranormal series hot reading. With her spin on turning back time, this bestselling author plays with the repercussions of actions and consequences. The story is fast-paced, gripping and time definitely well spent! (Aug., 328 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith