Thirty-three-year-old John "Rye" Ryan lost touch with his older brother Sam McRae many years ago. Parted by circumstance, Rye's troubles kept him from tracing his missing brother. Now, years later, Rye sits in front of a house that just might belong to Sam!

Emma McRae fled home from college after her boyfriend Mark turned abusive. She's barely walked through the door when a family crisis ensures that her adopted parents, Sam and Rachel, have to leave town. Emma keeps silent regarding her own problems and decides to stay home alone.

When Rye knocks on the door, Emma mistakes him for a man looking to work on one of Sam's building projects. When she receives a frightening phone call from her former boyfriend, Rye becomes concerned. With her family gone, Emma is quite vulnerable and Mark seems to be turning into a stalker.

A dangerous confrontation with Mark places Rye in trouble with the law and with his brother, Sam. Has Rye found a new family only to lose them?

The healing power of love warms this marvelous, moving story throughout. Ms. Hill creates a May/December romance that's completely believable and wonderfully romantic. (Apr., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith