Sarita Grayson's Detroit community center is on the brink of closure, so when a gang lord makes her an offer to keep it going, she has no other choice but to agree to his terms. The mission that she's begrudgingly accepted is to steal an elusive set of diamonds. In return, she'll get money to keep the center afloat.

Mykal Chandler is tired of criminals running the city. Vowing to take action, he organizes a secret organization of vigilantes to make the streets safe again. Their track record is flawless, until Sarita interrupts a sensitive operation and Mykal winds up getting shot.

An established historical novelist, Jenkins proves that her writing knows no boundaries in her first romantic suspense book. Sarita's determination to save the center at all costs, and Mykal's desire to keep her safe, peppers the suspense with terrific motivation. Plus, the continuous action will leave readers begging for more. (Feb., 375 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton