Image of The Edge of Never


Image of The Edge of Never

Redmerski’s plot is very different from most of today’s popular YA, as protagonist Camryn goes on a cross-country journey to find herself. The first third of the novel is slightly slow, but the rest is addictive and fast paced. Readers will be drawn to Camryn, a smart girl who has become emotionally numb. Her partner in crime, the mysterious, spontaneous and sweet Andrew is the real highlight. Overall, the book has a good plot — though slightly implausible in parts — and great main characters; readers will quickly get wrapped up in the adventure. There are a few scenes with descriptive sexual content.

Camryn Bennett doesn’t feel anything anymore. A year and a half after the boy she loved died in a car accident, Camryn feels like she is just going through the motions of a society-approved life. Then, one day, she loses the only thing she had left: her friendship with Natalie, who’d been like a sister to her since they were kids. So Camryn packs a small bag and boards a random bus to Iowa; her only goal is to find herself. What she doesn’t expect is the boy who sits behind her, Andrew Parrish, to be the one to show her how to do it. Andrew teaches her to ignore the boundaries she feels boxed in by, and to do what she truly wants. But as it nears time for them to part, Camryn must figure out what that really is. Because, with Andrew, she feels alive for the first time. But there is more to him than meets the eye. Is he exactly what she needs, or what will destroy her? (FOREVER, Jul., 496 pp., $14.00, ISBN: 9781455548989, PB, 17 & Up)
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Julie Knowles