Image of The Edge of Night


Image of The Edge of Night

Riveting! The Edge of Night is taut with emotion, suspense and danger. There are parallel love stories running throughout this book. The story of the younger sister and her love interest is a bit more heartfelt than the primary love story. However, Sorenson expertly weaves the two stories expertly into a heart-wrenching conclusion.

Officer Noah Young is part of the gang unit in Chula Vista. When he inadvertently comes across the dead body of a young woman, he’s drawn into a murder investigation. The case leads him to April Ortiz, and he’s instantly drawn to her. When April and her daughter’s uncle become part of the investigation, Noah is asked to trust his heart and his instincts. April has a history she’s not proud of. But for her daughter, she’s working hard to become a better person. Noah brings out a side of her that was long forgotten. Can she trust it? Can she trust him? Her life may depend on her choices. (BANTAM, Mar., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton