Image of Edge of Oblivion (A Night Prowler Novel)


Image of Edge of Oblivion (A Night Prowler Novel)

This werecat story has just about everything: ancient feuds, starcrossed lovers, a race against time, a tortured hero and an impossible task. The slow build up between Morgan and Xander makes their eventual romance all the sweeter, and Geissinger isn't afraid to keep readers guessing. No character is sacred, and nothing is a sure thing. When Morgan and Xander finally do consummate their relationship, it's super-hot and will make your heart clench at the same time because of the limits on their time together. New readers will have no trouble coming in at this point in the series, and a third book is set up nicely.

Morgan Montgomery has been convicted of treason, and there's only one punishment: death. But her friendship with Jenna, the queen, may offer her one last reprieve. If Morgan can find the Expurgari, the legendary enemy of her shapeshifter people, in two weeks, she can win her freedom. Sent along for the task is assassin Xander Luna, whose job is simple: kill Morgan at the end of two weeks if she doesn't complete her mission. When Xander and Morgan encounter a feral clan of shapeshifters, however, the job becomes more complicated than either had imagined. (Montlake Romance, Oct., 412 pp., $12.95)

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Cyndy Aleo