Image of The Edge of Recall


Image of The Edge of Recall

Heitzman's gothic-imbued tale is filled with mystery and romance. Fascinating characters, entrancing puzzles and troubling nightmares create a story that's
difficult to put down. Spiritual insights about the importance of a relationship with God elevate this novel.

Tessa Young has long been troubled with nightmares featuring labyrinths and has dedicated her life to creating them as a landscape architect. When Smith Chandler, a troubling voice from her past, calls and asks her to join him on a project, she hesitates. But when she sees the location and the ruins of an old labyrinth, her interest is piqued. Yet someone is determined to keep the team away -- will they succeed? (BETHANY HOUSE, Jul., 416 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel