Since their mothers death, it falls on Julie Jones to raise her sisters and brothers, take care of the house and help her father on the farm. It is a happy household and Julie seems content, though she dreams of having a family of her own.

After serving as an officer in the army during the Great War, Evan Johnson returns home to Fertile, Missouri. A somewhat enigmatic man, he is college educated and nothing like his father, the towns drunken troublemaker.

When Evan meets Julie, he finds her to be an intelligent, pretty young woman. It doesnt take long before a tender love blossoms between them. But an unknown presence weaves his evil around the town and Evan is accused of murder.

In her hardcover debut, Ms. Garlock, with her down-home, folksy style of writing, pens a touching, sweet love story. SWEET (Apr., 370 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond