This is a spicy, breathtaking story you can nibble on. Not only is the heroine willing to fight for her dreams in business, her two dashing heroes are willing to fight for her as well. Although this story is short on pages, it is long on character development and emotional impact. The passion and affection between characters becomes apparent when reading the hot, sexy love scenes. Satisfaction is guaranteed with this pleasurable tale.

Walking away from a relationship with her two bosses is the hardest thing Allie Masters has ever done. Although they have a satisfying menage a trois relationship, the men are not supportive of Allie's dreams to become an erotic lingerie designer. When a yummy pair of edible undies created by Allie crosses Max Rivers' desk, he realizes that he and partner Nick should retrieve their former assistant. Will Allie come back, or will past mistakes interfere with a promising future? (EllorasCave.com, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart