Image of Eggs Benedict Arnold (A Cackleberry Club Mystery)


Image of Eggs Benedict Arnold (A Cackleberry Club Mystery)

The second Cackleberry Club mystery has Childs' trademark descriptive writing. Rich details, in setting and food, let readers immerse themselves in the lives of three women on the "high side of 40" who are living their dream of owning a successful cafe and strengthening their bonds of friendship. Their crime-solving antics will delight readers. This is another great series by the author
of the Teashop and Scrapbooking

Suzanne, Toni and Petra have their hands full with the Cackleberry Club Cafe. When Suzanne delivers a pie to a funeral home director, she finds his dead body on the embalming table. Before she can alert authorities, she's subdued with chloroform. Who would want to kill Ozzie Driesden? Could it be drug related? Or was someone interested in acquiring the property?

When Toni and Suzanne find another funeral home employee hanging from a tree, they know the killer means serious business. Can the Cackleberry Club solve the case and host their first cake decorating contest and gourmet dinner without coming across another dead body? (BERKLEY PRIME CRIME, Dec., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin