In book one of the Weather Series, Rayne Deveau leads a busy, but oftentimes lonely, life. Due to a curse her grandmother placed on her, Rayne can't get close to any man that has lust in his eyes. If they touch her, they receive a shock or a terrible burn. In addition, Rayne has her own special abilities that she will do anything to hide.

After a long trip, her grandmother asks Sheriff Remy Doucette to check in on her once she arrives home. Rayne is too tired to notice when Remy picks her up and puts her into her bed. When they meet again, she realizes that he can touch her. Is he the man for her? Whether he is or not, Remy has no desire to get involved, especially in something lifelong. But when Rayne suggests her grandmother might find a second man and release Remy from the curse, his protective and jealous nature quickly shows itself.

In this brief story, readers can enjoy the banter between Rayne and Remy, despite his aversion to magic of any sort. (Jun. '05, 132 pp., $12.98)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling