Sadly, Clark's Smart Chick mystery series ends with this third book. Realistic dialogue, a unique suspense premise and a winsome heroine and hero tie things up nicely. Though it's clear the author has done a fair amount of research, readers never
feel inundated with information. The story flows well, and there are lots of suspects to keep you reading into the night.

Jo Tulip is recovering from her injuries while boyfriend Danny is working in Paris. They plan to live happily ever after when he returns. There's just one glitch: Someone wants Jo dead. Not wanting to keep Danny from this amazing opportunity, Jo doesn't tell him what's happening.

She is determined to solve the mystery alone, along with the help of her grandmother, who may hold more clues than she lets on. When some events change Danny's course, will he pursue his dreams, possibly losing the woman he loves? (Harvest House, Jan., 300 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston