After winding up slightly dented and covered in garbage yet again, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum decides that it's time for a career change. She's been receiving threatening notes that some-one wants her dead.

So Stephanie takes a job at a button factory, but after celebrating too long with sort-of-boyfriend Joe Morelli, she oversleeps and gets fired before she starts. Not to be deterred, she gets hired by a dry cleaner, but when the crazy owner, Mama Macaroni, shoots at her and then gets blown up in Stephanie's car, it seems like Stephanie's back where she started. Then the oh-so-sexy Ranger offers a partial solution, a desk job with Rangeman enterprises. But is this jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

Thankfully for readers, poor Stephanie is doomed to live in what the old curse says are "interesting times." The outrageous and uproarious humor in the Plum books never wavers, and the fun is nonstop. Evanovich is a national treasure! (Jun., 320 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith