The call was one that FBI agent Dane Carver never expected to receive. His twin brother, Father Michael Joseph, was murdered in San Francisco during a late-night confession. Devastated, Dane flies out there to discover what happened.

On the run from a dangerous situation, Nick Jones is a witness to Father Michael's late-night murder. Despite her own need to hide, Nick arrives at the police station to offer what information she can. Dane soon realizes that even though Nick didn't see the assassin clearly, she is their best chance to find this killer. It is also Nick who stumbles onto the motive of the murders: the killer is following the plotlines of a TV show called "The Consultant." This new information takes Nick, Dane and Inspector Delion down to LA to the set of the TV show. Is the killer someone connected to the show or the studio? Married FBI agents Savich and Sherlock soon join the hunt, for this is one clever and diabolical killer.

Catherine Coulter's FBI series continues with this newest nerve-racking installment. Complex and imaginative, THE ELEVENTH HOUR combines romance and intrigue into a powerful thriller. (Aug., 381 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith