Dash Sinclair's entire Special Force unit was ambushed and destroyed in the Middle East. He is the only member to survive. Trapped in a coma, he hears a call of distress penetrating the fog holding him prisoner. When he wakes, he discovers his salvation is due to a young girl whose life is full of turmoil and in need of his saving grace.

Elizabeth Colder and her daughter, Cassie, are on the run, having barely escaped the latest attempt made on their lives. Weary, Elizabeth doesn't know which way to turn or who to trust. But her prayers are answered when Dash walks into their lives. His powerful presence signals to her that they've found their guardian angel.

Leigh delivers a powerful paranormal that features an irresistible hero and a brave heroine. The fast-paced plot and sizzling sex scenes will leave you reaching for ice cubes. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley