Image of Ella Finds Love Again (Little Valley Series)


Image of Ella Finds Love Again (Little Valley Series)

Eicher had a traditional Amish upbringing and he brings his firsthand knowledge to each of his books. The characters are interesting and believable and the budding romance is heartwarming.

After the loss of the man she was going to marry, Ella Yoder knows she needs to move on with her life and each day it gets a little easier. She has been caring for the children of Ivan Stutzman and, while she cares for him, is that enough for a marriage? She meets an Englisher who is determined to convert to Amish and wonders if it is because he can offer her something Ivan can not. Ella knows how serious the consequences will be if she chooses unwisely. Are her feelings what God is choosing? (HARVEST HOUSE, Sep., 288 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans