Who knew picture books could be made for adults? Medallion Press has created a new romance complete with glossy, full-color pictures, which may take some getting used to, especially since it's approximately the size and length of a children's book.

Elliana's sister, Rhiannon, has just died and left Elliana her horse farm. Elliana goes to the farm and lies down in the fields, as she and her sister once did, but when she awakens, she's in another world. It's a world in which fairies frolic in the air, and there's a handsome king who needs a queen. Elliana isn't sure if she's dreaming, but she goes along with this other world and, on her journey, she finds out things about her sister she never dreamed possible. More importantly, she finds a love she never could have dreamed of.

It's hard to say whether picture books for adults will become a hit, but it's a novel idea. The illustrations are lifelike, and the short story makes for a quick read. It's a nice way to escape for a half hour or so—just don't let the kids pick it up. (Oct., 85 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Ann Sullivan