"Manacles of Love" has Ma'ra's desire for revenge turned topsy-turvy in Lapthorne's disappointingly predictable story. While driving home, Michaela and Jax are engulfed by a bright light in LaFleur's "Abduction." Since Ri is Jac's superior, sexual relations are against the rules, but when Jac gets promoted off her team, she plans her seduction in "Breaking the Rules" by McCall.

In Starr's "Dark-Pilot's Bride," Josia is the latest "trade-good" given to vampire Dimitri. When Raye voices her wish that husband Ian be more like the hero in her favorite romance, strange things start to happen in Arman's "The Changeling." "The Windsday Club" is a place for Corydon and his friends to relax, but when a case of mistaken identity turns the tables, he finds the woman of his dreams in Boyett–Compo's story.

These six paranormal novelettes are full of hot, explicit sex and nicely developed plots. (Mar., 326 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley