Cast returns to Parthelon, the world of Goddess by Mistake, to take readers
a hundred years forward for a sweeping romantic fantasy about a very different goddess. Cast effectively blends Celtic and Greek mythology to create an appealing fantasy world. While the story itself is gripping, it is the characters who bring this book to life. Even secondary characters shine thanks to sparkling dialogue and realistic interactions. In particular, Elphame's playful relationship with her brother stands out, as does Lachlan's agony at being torn between his family and Elphame.
This is a riveting fantasy romance,
a Romeo and Juliet tale, of two very different individuals, both of whom
understand what it is to be set apart.

Elphame, the child of Etain, Epona's Beloved Incarnate Priestess, and the centaur High Shaman, is neither centaur nor human but an odd mix of both. Tired of the awe she engenders and determined to seek out her own destiny, she leaves her family and sets out to restore the haunted Castle MacCallan to its former glory.

A century prior, the demonic Fomorians invaded Parthelon and destroyed the castle. But when Elphame meets half-human, half-Fomorian Lachlan, they fall in love, despite the enmity between their races. Lachlan believes she is the fulfillment of a prophecy that will lift the Fomorian curse from him and others like him, but he knows the cost is too great to ask of the woman he loves. But others of his clan mean to ensure the curse will be banished, even if it means Elphame's death.

(Dec., 400 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum