Image of The Elusive Bride (The Black Cobra Quartet)


Image of The Elusive Bride (The Black Cobra Quartet)

Laurens has outdone herself in this second book of the Black Cobra Quartet, combining a wondrous plot filled with suspense and emotions, a dynamic hero,
a fearless forward-thinking heroine
and a story that crackles.

Emily Ensworth is traveling in India when her party is attacked by members of the Black Cobra terrorist cell, believed to be controlled by a traitor within the British government. She's given a package by Captain James McFarlene right before he's killed.

After delivering the parcel, Emily is escorted to the governor's residence by Major Gareth Hamilton. On their three-month journey to England, while under constant Black Cobra attack, they form a bond. The emotional relationship escalates as their pursuers chase them across England. (AVON, Feb., 412 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin